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5 Common Computer Problems & Solutions

Yo, whether you're hustling in rocket science or killing it as a poodle stylist, chances are you're glued to your PC every single day. And let's be real, when that thing starts acting up, it can throw a serious wrench in your flow. But fear not, fam! I got your back with some common computer problems and dope solutions that'll have you slaying that tech game like a boss.

  1. General Slowdown: Ain't nobody got time for a sluggish PC. If your machine is running slower than a snail on a hot day, it's time to step up your hardware game. Check your RAM, hard drive, and CPU usage using Task Manager. If some greedy program is hogging all the resources, close that sucker down and only run what you need. Keep your PC lean and mean for optimal performance, my friend.

  2. PC Will Not Turn On: Yo, it feels like doomsday when you hit that power button and nada happens. But don't panic just yet. For laptops, it could be a jacked-up charger or a dead battery. Unplug that sucker, remove the battery, and try again. If you're dealing with a desktop, make sure the power switch on the back is turned on and the front button is pressed. And if all else fails, check the power supply connections, but leave the internal wizardry to the pros.

  3. Peripherals Not Working: Sometimes it's not your computer's fault, but those peripherals acting all bougie. Keyboards, mice, mics— they can all go rogue on you. Start with the basics, my geeky friend. Check the cables, swap 'em out if needed. Next, reinstall those drivers because they're the go-to squad for communication between your PC and your gear. Device Manager is where the magic happens, so update or reinstall those bad boys and get back in business.

  4. Audio Issues: Virtual meetings got you pulling your hair out? When your PC starts playing hide-and-seek with sound, it's time to bust out the detective skills. First, check if you accidentally muted anything. Then, dig into your operating system's sound settings to make sure your volume isn't on mute or set to low. And if all else fails, it might be a hardware issue. Grab a USB headset to bypass any software shenanigans and rock on.

  5. Blue Screens: The blue screen of death is like the Grim Reaper of computer problems. But don't freak out just yet, homie. If it's a software issue, let your PC reboot on its own and see if it can fix itself. Sometimes it just needs a breather. If that doesn't work, you can try using an operating system installation tool to roll back updates or run advanced repair tools. But tread carefully, 'cause messing with hardware-related blues could lead to even more trouble.

So, there you have it, fellow urban geeks! These solutions should have you flexing your tech skills like a pro. But if all else fails and your computer is still giving you major headaches, don't hesitate to bring it to Urban Geek. We'll work our magic and have you back on that grind in no time. Stay geeky, my friends!

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